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On Creeps in the Head of the Country and Other Men of Honour (essay) 2013-11-07

We got used to quoting from time to time that our society is morally degenerating. We mean it as a sigh on something we mind but cannot do anything about. In the Czech presidential elections, we proved othervise. Wehad a choice in our own hands - and we elected the biggest creep in the Czech history. Some may suggest that we did not know. That he started to show only after the elections. Just when he showed us some of his brilliant chess combinations: removing the government using a fabricated accusations of the prime minister (maybe a little smaller creep but much worse chess player) of something he himself practices in a much larger extent. Factual takover of the power by appointment of a puppy government that governs for four months now without any mandate. Creative ways of punishing the disobedient ones. Rewarding friends/helpers by government or diplomatic posts and state awards.
Rubbish. We knew well who we were electing. We were watching him long enough to learn his pathological desire for power which drives him to sacrificing anything. Includint the moral credit of the country, not speaking about economical setback.
We knew how untransparent his financing of the presidential campaign was. We knew that during the campaign, he repeatedly lied and spread gossip about his oponent, Karel Schwarzenberg. In spite of that, we elected him. It seems that lying, gossiping, deception, plotting, these are the qualities that we Czechs value highest. Our president does not offer much more and we do not expect more of him, either.
One half of us can say: I did not vote for him, so it is not me to blame. Rubbish again. We all together take part in creating the atmosphere within our society. We all can influence the thinking of people around us. Not all of us do that. I did not vote for Zeman. But my mother did and I was not able to change her mind. I should have tried harder, I should have spoken to more people about that. I should have written about that. I do that now, too late to relieve my conscience, but at least I can hope in some lessons for the future.
Fortunately, there are other people representing less degenerated moral qualities. I very much appreciate Vladimir Misik, who with all due respect refused the state award from the president. Honestly, the vision of my rock idol shaking hand with the president, side by side with the senile actor Jirina Bohdalova and anabolical-steroids-devastated athlete Jarmila Kratochvilova, haunts me like a nightmare. Thank you, Vladimir, for not failing me. People like you give us hope that this nation is not definitively condemned yet. I look forward to seeing you in one of your coming concerts.

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