The Beatmen

One of the milestones of the Czechoslovak rock'n'roll history. The most famous band in the mid 60's, influencing most of Czech R'n'R Bands including Olympic, Matadors and others. In the late 60's, Dezo Ursiny left to found The Soulmen, another important Slovak band.

Members: Dezo Ursiny voc,hca; Marian Bednar bg,voc; Miroslav Bedrik gt,hca,voc; Peter Petro dr,voc



i. Break It/Let's Make A Summer (Supraphon 1965) ****

ii. Safely Arrived/The Enchanted Lie (Supraphon 1965)


Sample (WMA): Let's Make A Summer (i., 39")

Links: Ursiny, Dezo