Kratochvilova, Jana

popular Czech female-singer of 70's and 80's with a harsh voice. after some seeking among styles in her beginnings (with interesting trips to chanson e.g. on single recordings Song / Rock taken from Polish Maryla Rodowicz) she had several big reggae hits. In 80's she left Czechoslovakia. She also used nicknames Jana Pope and Z Goddess. In the beginnings accompanied by Kroky, a band of Frantisek Janecek, with several good musicians. After she left, the band's keyboard player Ladislav Stancl became the lead singer under the new name Michal David and produced totally trashy pseudo-disco-pop. Kratochvilova later works with many other excellent musicians (Pavel Trnavsky Band with Michal Pavlicek, Vaclav Vesely, Vladimirem "Guma" Kulhanek and Jan Hala; Jiri Hrubes and others)


1. Jana Kratochvilova (LP Supraphon1980; English version as Listen And Follow 1981; CD Sony Music/Bonton 1992)
2. Z Goddess - Immortality (Popron/United Culture 1992)
3. Jana Pope & Heval: Live (2CD Popron 1994)


A. Copanky/Big Hits (Supraphon 1992)

Selection from early singles:

i. Song / Rock (Supraphon 1976)
ii. Nakresli si s nami krizky / V peci lasky (Panton 1977)
iii. Muz je v pravu / Se mnou (Supraphon 1977)
iv. Dlouha bila zhnouci kometa / Blues II (Supraphon 1980)
v. Tvou spasou ja chci byt/Copanky (Supraphon 1981)

Sample: Copanky (v., A., 52", 302 kB)