in the late 80's one of the most promissing Czech jazz bands. In the mid-90's, the band is slowing down as  most of the members have their own projects. Robert Balzar became one of the most respected domestic jazz personalities.

Line-Up: Zdenek Zdenek ldr,kb(1-4); Frantisek Kop sax,cl(1-4); Robert Balzar cb(2); Pavel Zboril dr(2); Peter Binder gt(3-4); Svatopluk Kosvanec tb(4); Jay Anderson bass(4); Dick Weller dr(4)


1. Naima (Panton 1988)

2. Naima II. (Panton 1990)

3. Naima Live - Session '90 (Arta ??)

4. Different Colours (Arta ??)


[WMA] Introdukce/Introduction (album 2, 54"; 329 kB)

[MP3] Andaluzska cikanka/Andalusian Gypsy Girl (album 2, 45"; 226 kB)

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