Otmar Macha (2. 10. 1922 Ostrava-14. 12. 2006 Praha)

Czech composer, musical director and dramaturgist. After high school in Ostrava he studied composition at the Conservatory of Prague under prof. Ridky. Since 1945 he worked for Czechoslovak Radio as musical director, dramaturgist and editor. Since 1970's he devoted all his time to music. He was influenced by moravian folk music, most of all in the early small compositions (songs, chamber music). Gradually, he headed towards larger musical units distinguished by melodical and rhytmical creativity. All his time he comes back to works for children, starting from nursery rhymes and songs to musical tales in form of melodrama.

Works (selected):

Little Encyclopedia of Music (dr. Jar. Smolka; &col., Supraphon 1983)
Book of Music (V.Holzknecht & col., Orbis 1964)

Hoj,hura,hoj (adaptation of folk song from the cycle Laschian Shouting Songs, Children's Choir Jitro, dir. Jiri Skopal, CD Amabile 1993)