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Oskar Petr in Malostranska Beseda April 8, 2013 (concert review) 2013-04-13

Koncert + launch of new CD Jsme starý jako děti

Small reminder of another great event, with Oskar nothing else can be expected...

(Monika Infernalis - singer of Red Baron Band with great resonant voice, here in an interesting trio with piano and guitar)

(singer Iva Marešová and excellent Belarussian accordionist Alexander Yasinski)

(Jirka Vopava, Joe Karafiát, Oskar Petr)

(launch of the new CD Jsme starý jako děti)

(Oskar with the band he called Old Children /Stary deti/; on the album they are called Spolecenska udalost /Social Event/, and yes, it is the same band, just the indisposed drummer Jirka Zelenka was replaced by David Landstof)

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