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years active: 1981 - 1983

Pavel Trnavsky Band using a new name since 1981 in concerts. Although the lineup consists of the original members of jazz-rock band Bohemia, with Jana Kratochvilova as lead singer they play a combination of rock and reggae. The band ends with a forced emigration of Jana Kratochvilova; after her return in 1990s she renews the band for occasional live performances.


Vladimir Kulhanek "Guma"  (1981-1982)
Pavel Trnavsky  (1981-1983)
Jiri Novotny "Plech"  (1981-1983)
Jana Kratochvilova  (1981-1983, since 1993)
Frantisek Kotva  (1981-1983)
Zdenek Juracka  (1981-1983)



Jana Pope & Heval: Live ( Kratochvilova, Jana ) , Popron 1994 ,

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