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years active: 1969 - 1971

band from Brno, originally named R.I Eagles, founded on ruins of one of the first Moravian rock'n'roll bands, Rocky Eagles. For the purpose of gramophone records releases, the band name was changed to Albatros. Panton label also demanded other changes, none of them to any good. THe talented singer Petr Netocny must have given the way to Emanuel Sideridis, at that time known from the band Progress Organization. The band went apart shortly after releasing their second single.


Petr Netocny  (1969-1970)
Ales Burjanek  (1969-1970)
Karel Antonin  (1969-1971) , drums
Jan Millonig  (1969-1971) , guitars, steel/slide guitar
Dalibor Roznik  (1969-1971) , bass guitar, keyboards
Emanuel Sideridis "Sidi"  (1970-1971) , vocal, bass guitar


SP / EP:

Divka ze severniho kraje / ... ( Fridl, Bob ) , Panton 1970


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