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Veslari ( Rowers )
active from year 1971

the oldest Slovak contry band, considered top European band in its genre. The most successful period was in the years 2004-2009 in the presence of the young talented singer Peter Dula. Unfortunately, he died of cancer in 2009. The band goes on in a renewed line-up.


Juraj Straka  (1971-2005) , mouth organ
Peter Dula  (2004-2009) , vocal, guitars
Frantisek Jano, violin, steel/slide guitar, mandoline, guitars, vocal, leader
Peter Henriczy, guitars, banjo
Slavomir Mlynarcik, bass guitar


Country rodeo , UMG Records 1993
Pojdem Sam ( I Shall Walk Aone ) , MMI 2006

compilations / live recs.:

Stratena rieka ( Lost RIver ) , UMG Country Records 1995


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