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Josef Seger

born: 1716-03-21
died: 1782-04-22
birthplace: Repin u Melnika
diedplace: 1782

(by full name Josef Ferdinand Norbert Seger, sometimes also Seeger or Seegr) - iremarkable Czech composer, musician and pedagogue of the baroque period. Pupil of B.M.Cernohorsky, outstanding organist. He earned his living as a singer, violin and organ player in various Prague churches. In 1741 he became the organist in the Tyne Cathedral (adjacent to Prague Old Town Square), 1745 at the St. Franciscus of Asisi (next to Charles Bridge). Impressed by his virtuosity, the emperor Joseph II. offered him the position of the court organist in Vienna. However, Seger died before he could take up the work. His best known pupils were J.A.Kozeluh, J. Myslivecek, J.K.Kuchar and V. Pichl. He was a procreative composer; his organ composition compound baroque polyphonic generosity and classical simplicity. They were copied and spread over Czechia and Germany, since 1790s also printed. A part of his work fell into oblivion; however in the beginning of 20th century it was uncovered again.

  • hundreds of organ compositions (preludes, toccatas, fugues)
  • vocal church compositions (masses, motets, psalms, evening prayers, rogations)


Mala encyklopedie hudby (dr. Jar. Smolka; &kolektiv, Supraphon 1983)
CD Booklet Czech Organ Music (Music Vars 1997)


Prelude and fugue c minor (MP3) (part 2.- fugue, rec. Jirina Pokorna, CD Czech Organ Music, Music Vars 1997)

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