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Jan Sixt z Lerchenfelsu

born: 1550 (questionable)
died: 1629-11-03
birthplace: Praha
diedplace: Litomerice

priest, composer and musician from Prague. Since 1584 singer at the court of the Emperor Rudolf II., later the choirmaster of the Jesuit Church in Olomouc, where he also got his Master Degree. After returning to Prague, he became the emperor's parson and preacher in 1600. In 1601 he was ennobled; later he holds various prominent church positions (Capitulary at St.Vitus Prague, Prior at Litomerice). He wrote preachments and theological essays; in Litomerice he founded printing works where he issued hos own writings. As a composer, he was technically very skilled but lacks more originality. Nevertheless, his work is a valuable evidence of the Czech spiritual and temporal music of late renaissance, in vocal parts with clear indication of early baroque homophony. The sonnet of the big battle by the city of Prague (listen to the samples) is a celebration of the victory of the Emperor Ferdinand II. in the battle of Bila Hora 1620.

Work: Spiritual and temporal compositions on latin and Czech lyrics of his own, e.g.
  • Tedeum laudamus
  • Sanctus
  • Miserere
  • Canticum
  • Magnificat
  • Sonett i Italiani a 4 voci
  • Un altro Sonetto a 4 lingue della bataglia di Praga (see samples)


Ottuv slovnik naucny
Mala encyklopedie hudby (dr. Jar. Smolka; &kolektiv, Supraphon 1983)
Booklet of the CD Hortus Bohemicus: Ecce Musica (Sony Classical 1997)


Signior te benedico (MP3) (Hortus Bohemicus, CD Ecce Musica, Sonny Classical 1997)
Viteziteli svemu (MP3) (Hortus Bohemicus, CD Ecce Musica, Sonny Classical 1997)

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