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Frantisek Gaudentius Leopold Dettelbach

born: 1739-09-22
died: 1818-10-08
birthplace: Moson, Hungary
diedplace: Eisenstadt, Austria

slovakian Franciscan, composer and organist. He entered Franciscan Order in 1757 and adopted the name Gaudentius. After studies he worked as organist, music and singing teacher in various churches of the Marian Franciscan Hungarian Province (Malacky, Trnava, Bratislava, Gyor, Sopron) and later in Frauenkirchen and Eisenstadt, Austria. About 11 of his textbooks have passed till today nad about 100 of his own compositions. The most important textbooks contain the official repertoir of masses and rogations which became obligatory after the musical reform of the Marian Franciscan Province; Dettelbach himself took an important part in the reform. In his textbooks are also his older compositions, written in baroque style. In 1770's a style break appears in his works. He got inspiration from music of Haydn and Mozart and his later works are already in the classical style.

  • Offertorium de S. Francisco O felicem et beatum , 1764
  • aria Beáta es
  • Missa capitularis , 1778
  • Missa Sacratissimi Corporis Christi , 1794
  • a number of smaller vocal compositions


Franciscans (Slovakian only)
L. Kacic: Gaudentius Dettelbach, mytha and reality 250 years after birthday. Magazine Hudobny zivot 1989, No.21
CD Booklet Musica Aeterna: The Old Christmas Music from Slovakia (Opus 1993)


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