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Karel Blazej Kopriva

born: 1756-02-09
died: 1785-05-15
birthplace: Citoliby
diedplace: Citoliby

Czech composer and organist. Son of the composer Vaclav Jan Kopriva, the oldest child out of eleven. He studied music in Prague (organ and composition under Josef Seger; he was one of the most talented Seger's students). He suffered from tuberculosis from his childhood, as well as some of his brothers. That was why he did not finish his university studies. He became organist in the church of St Jacob in Citoliby; his reputation of organ virtuoso soon spread over the coutry. He omposed in the style of transition from baroque to classicism, influenced by harpsichord sonatas of J.Ch. Bach (son of J.S.Bach), J.Haydn as well as his czech fellow composers. His works characterized by mastership in counterpoint and brilliant concertant style.

  • 12 symphonies (unpreserved)
  • 8 varhanních koncertů (only 1 preserved)
  • masses, requiems, offertorios, motets, arias, organ preludios, fugues etc...


Music of Citoliby (Czech only)
Mala encyklopedie hudby (book by dr. Jar. Smolka; &kolektiv, Supraphon 1983)


Requiem in C for Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Bass, Orchestra and Organ (MP3) (2. Dies irae; voc D.Sounova, D.Drobkova,M.Kopp, K.Berman, organ M. Sestakova, Czech Radio Choir, Prague Chamber Orchestra, cond. F.Vajnar; CD Musica Antiqua Citolibensis, Supraphon 2007)

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