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Vladimír Mišík 17. 11. 2015, Neratovice (concert review) 2015-11-21

In Neratovice, you cannot go for a concert every day, not even every week, but whenever a rock celebrity (yes, we have that in Czechia, well, sort of) comes in this god&musiciansforsaken place, it usually turns out a very successful event.
When the celebrity is Vladimir Misik, you can call it a safe bet (though in his case, you should rather speak of an anti-celebrity; why, he even declined a medal from our most beloved, wisest and fairest president!).
Which came true enough, including the support guitar duo Jamie Marshall - Radek Hlavka with their guitar-blues adaptations of various stuff including the ancient Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, Hendrix's Little Wing as well as Dylan's All Along the Watchtower, Jamie's own songs not to be forgotten. That itself would be enough for a nice evening (though this kind of music probably deserves more intimate place). But then came the Master...
I have not heard Vladimir for quite a long time, and so I was really surprised how much energy radiated from him and his Etc... Band - the same way I remember him playing 30 years ago in student clubs, in between times he was banned by the communist officials. Never mind his "Whiter shade of pale" hair, never mind him sitting on a bench while singing. It is still the same music that made me think about becoming a music reviewer, so I could praise it and promote it in public. The fate decided otherwise, I am not a reviewer but I would like to pay my debt to Vladimir at least by this little compliment. This is the music I would choose for a stay on a deserted island! Instead of more words, here is a little sample on Youtube and a couple of pictures.

Youtube:Relativisticky zadrhel (Relativistic Hitch)

Radek Hlavka and Jamie Marshall


Etc... (from the left: Petr "Kulich" Pokorný, Vladimír Pavlíček, Vladimír Mišík, Jiří Zelenka, Jiří Veselý, Pavel Skála)

Vladimír Mišík, Jiří Zelenka

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